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#133 March 20-24 2017

​​ Nightmare on 7th Avenue, SW

If the address doesn't ring a bell, that's okay. The Calgary Homeless Foundation won't take offence. 

But its work is important. CHF spends $70 million per year, acting as system planner, co-ordinator or the system of care, overseer of the Homeless Management Information System, conduit for government funding to a range of services, researcher, and advocate for change. (read more) 



What our clients say

"Great job on the Management Plan! Your work, as well as the efforts of my staff, has created something very special."

Brian Smith, Community Living Prince Edward

"I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to work with you. We needed that reassurance from a "Board expert" that we were not just flying by the seat of our pants."

Board member, ​Parents for Children’s Mental Health

"Thanks, Tom, for all your help to date.  We all really appreciate your approach and what we, under your direction, have accomplished." 

Bruce Shaw, Executive Director, Community Living South Huron

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Board Training

"We are delighted with this process and with the product."

Marie Lauzier, Executive Director, York Support Services​ Network

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