Boards need up-to-date bylaws and policies, but it can take time to work through them. Tom has helped many organizations update one or both to ensure Boards have resources that are current and provide effective guidance for their work. 


Tom and Nancy provide Board training that is down to earth and practical, for both new Board members and those with lots of experience. To ensure it covers topics of interest, they survey participants in advance, asking what they want to discuss and tailoring the content accordingly.

Over the course of discussion, Board members always identify many actions they want to take as a result of the new ideas Tom provides. So Nancy records these actions and feeds them back at the end of the session. Only CMCS Board training produces a work plan that the Board can use to make its governance work even better. To download our Board training flyer, click here


(e.g. Reviews, CEO/ED Recruitment, CEO/ED Compensation)

We have experience and expertise conducting Governance Reviews and providing assistance to Boards struggling with issues such as Operational/Governance boundaries. We have also helped Boards with unique requests related to oversight of their CEOs/EDs, including research and reporting on executive compensation and facilitating the CEO/Executive Director recruitment process.


Board Retreats are an ideal time to revitalize and strengthen the contribution of your organization’s most important volunteers. At CMCS we can make your Board Retreat an educational and invigorating experience. We tailor the content to the specific interests of the Board. These might include Board models, recruiting new members, evaluating the work of the Board, making meetings quicker and more productive or managing risk. We work with you to develop the agenda, provide background information, facilitate and record discussion and prepare a summary of discussion and actions proposed.​