We can help with updating your organization's bylaw or developing Board or management policies.

Your bylaw includes many important details about how your non-profit will operate including:

the number of Board members, their qualifications, the length of their term in office and whether they can be re-elected. Right now, many non-profits in Ontario need to update their bylaws so they can transition to the new Not-for-Profit Corporations Act. We are here to assist.

Policies are "how-to's" that explain how the Board or the employees will operate. For the Board, they cover all those areas not included in the bylaw. They are especially important for demonstrating the organization's due diligence.


Our studies can cover a wide range of topics. We have explored ethical decision-making in human service organizations, how to best serve clients whose first language is not English and developing pioneering housing options. Our studies usually include a research or investigative component and a final report that can be widely circulated.  ​

​Reviews tell you how things are working currently. Some stop there, while others go on to identify what could be changed to make the situation better. Reviews can be organization-wide, encompassing both Boards of Directors and Operations or they can address a particular aspect of organizational effectiveness such as staffing structures.

When we undertake a review, we research the organization (and others like it), obtain stakeholder input through focus group sessions along with one-on-one interviews and surveys, and produce a final report. Our reviews offer third party objectivity that ensures they are constructive and equitable. 

For more about updates, studies and reviews, contact us.

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