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At CMCS we believe in non profits. We know they make our communities better. We admire their volunteer Boards and their committed staff. We want them all to be great. So our vision is well run non profits and our mission is to provide them with the best products and services available. ​

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​​Non profits make our world better

​We make non profits better​​


​CMCS: Consultants to Non Profit Organizations

Elmira District Community Living's Board of Directors is all smiles showing off its certificate recognizing EDCL's new Strategic Plan. 

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More GOLD C Planners

​​​This year has seen more organizations join the exclusive GOLD C Planners Club.

A GOLD C organization is one that believes that great services start with great planning, and great planning starts with engaging the organizations's stakeholders in the planning process. And of course engaging stakeholders starts with using CMCS Consulting Services, hence the "C".

​Congratulations to these non profit organizations for their strategic planning efforts:

Chatham-Kent Family Health Team

Community Living York South

E3 Community Services

​Elmira District Community Living (see the happy folks in the picture above)

Durham Region Child Care Forum ​

Soon to join them will be Tollendale Village (seniors housing), Kenora ACL and York Region Violence Against Women Coordinating Committee.


For more information on how to add your organization to this auspicious strategic planning list, use the "Contact Us" page.​

Pride makes us long for a solution (Julian Barnes)

Pride Toronto was back in the news when its AGM was reported to have been adjourned over the decision to once again include Toronto police in Pride's annual parade. 

Members were quoted in the media as not only being opposed, but as calling for the removal of both Pride's Board of Directors and its Executive Director.

The BIG Ideas that we can draw from Pride's experience include the following:

1. Ensure your Board of Directors and your members understand that the Board’s duty is to the corporation as opposed to the component parts thereof, which includes your membership. The Board does not have to accede to the will of the members even if some or even all members are opposed to the corporation’s actions.

2. When making decisions that could be opposed by some members, be aware that their recourse is to replace the Board of Directors and to elect in its place a Board that is amenable to their ideas.



​​​Thank you for an excellent time last week.  While we were not sure exactly what to expect, you (and Nancy) surpassed our expectations.  I have informally spoken with everyone that attended  and they were unanimous in their feedback – it was a very good day and we accomplished a lot.  Personally, I feel much better about our future direction and believe we are all committed to making the changes that will help strengthen the organization. 

Board Member, CMCS Client

​​​​Tom Little's Next BIG Idea

Whether you are part of a non-profit Board of Directors or a management team, you should ensure that you periodically engage in a discussion of whether your cause is still worthy and whether your organization is still needed to address it. Try asking what would happen if your services were no longer there and being honest about the answer. Be prepared to look at factors both within and beyond the organization.

Having put their organizations to the test, most non-profits will respond with a resounding “yes” to the continued need for, and support of, their existence. But for a few, like Operation Migration, the response will be “no”.  Read more...