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CMCS: Consultants to Non Profit Organizations

2 CMCS Email Addresses Hacked
We want you to know that two CMCS email addresses that were in limited use were hacked on Friday September 14th. If you received an email from us on that date it may be problematic. Please delete it immediately. To contact us if you need more information please go to the contact page. 

Tom on Radio

"Those Who Wish to Sing Always Find a Song"
Here is another non-profit idea I like a lot: Choir! Choir! Choir! Daveed Goldman and Nobu Adilman (AKA “DaBu”) started CCC as a weekly Toronto drop-in singing event in 2011. Nobu teaches you the vocal arrangement, Daveed plays guitar and the session is taped. The video production is very basic (see CCC on YouTube), but the enjoyment is evident on every face. CCC's reach now extends far beyond Toronto to places like Carnegie Hall and Radio City Music Hall. And they’ve included guest singers such as Rufus Wainwright, Tegan and Sara, Patti Smith, Bruce Cockburn, Kathleen Edwards, Colin Hay (Men At Work), Joel Plaskett, Sarah Harmer, and Chris Murphy (Sloan). Now they do fundraising for important social causes and corporate team building. The power of a good idea!

More GOLD C Planners

​​​This year has seen more organizations join the exclusive GOLD C Planners Club.

A GOLD C organization is one that believes that great services start with great planning, and great planning starts with engaging the organizations's stakeholders in the planning process. And of course engaging stakeholders starts with CMCS Consulting Services, hence the "C".

​Congratulations to:

Chatham-Kent Family Health Team

Community Living York South

E3 Community Services

​Elmira District Community Living

Durham Region Child Care Forum ​

​​For more information on to how add your organization to this auspicious list, use the Contact Us page.


What Our Clients Say

​​​"Our strat plan is moving along better than I could have imagined. I chair the group of around 20 Board and staff who have been meeting monthly for the past 6 months and plan to continue through the fall. Great enthusiasm from all involved and much is being accomplished already, particularly on renewed focus on our Mission and Vision. And thanks again for getting us off on the right foot!"  

Frank Moore, Board Member, Community Living Central Huron.

Welcome to CMCS Consulting Services & Tom Little's Big Ideas
At CMCS we believe in non profits. We know they make our communities better. We admire their volunteer Boards and their committed staff. We want them all to be great. So our vision is well run non profits and our mission is to provide them with the best products and services available. ​

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Non Profit Board Members At Work



Tom Little's BIG Idea

If you want to measure the satisfaction of your front line employees, here is a very simple test: find out whether they view it as a “we” organization or a “they” organization.  If they see it as a “we” organization, in other words, if in conversation they talk about the whole organization, including management, in terms of “we did this” or “we stand for this” you can be assured that everyone is on the same page in terms of its goals and especially how it is pursuing those goals. In “they” organizations, front-liners are not in sync with the goals, with how the organization operates in pursuing those goals or both, and all the problems and shortcomings are the fault of the management team. “They did this” and “they did that”, “they didn’t do this” and “they didn’t do that” predominate any front-line discussion of the state of the organization.  Read more...